Guide to Hiring Top Salespeople

Guide to Hiring Top Salespeople in 2022

We understand how hard it can be to find and hire top salespeople. Top salespeople are always in high demand, as they play a vital role is most organizations. Companies typically spend more on hiring salespeople than any other position.

So whether you are looking for your next great Sales Manager, Sales Representative, Account Manager, Sales Development Representative or Vice President of Sales, we have you covered.

Here are the steps you can take to build your sales recruiting process.

Understand what you are looking for

What does your ideal candidate look like, and what will it take for them to be a great salesperson at your company? Once you understand what it takes to succeed in sales at your company, you can begin to find the ideal salesperson that meets your company’s needs.

Qualities of great sales people differ based on the position, industry, product, sales process, average sales cycle length, etc.

Access your top dealmakers to better understand what makes a sales person successful within your organization.

Write a Detailed Job Description

Clearly define the specific skills required to be successful in the role, and are valued by your company. If you have an existing job description there is a good chance that you will need to update it to better reflect the qualities you identified in your top performers.

Keep your ideal candidate in mind as your write this description.

The best salespeople are busy so keep the job description concise, easy
to read and remove any unnecessary sales jargon.

Get Referrals from Other Top Salespeople

Let people know that you are looking; a little word of mouth can go along way.

Reach out to your immediate network, your sales team, especially your VP/Dir. of Sales are a great place to start.

Do you have an employee referral program in place? It might be a good idea, it can significantly reduce employee turnover.

Post Your Job Opportunity on Sales Specific Job Boards

Take a targeted approach to finding your ideal candidate by posting on niche job boards that are dedicated to helping you find top sales talent.

A sales specific job board like can help get your job opening in front of the right applicants.

If you are serious about hiring top quality salespeople, Post Your Job Now

Ask Effective Interview Questions

A job interview for a sales position is effectively a sales situation and an opportunity for salespeople to showcase the skills and qualities that makes them a great salesperson.

Focus on asking open-ended questions that allows candidates to showcase the qualities that you are looking for. Open-ended questions are ones that require more than a simple yes or no, and often reveal things you may not have even thought to ask. Try:

Sell me on a product or hobby that you are passionate about?

This showcases the candidate’s communication skills, sales process and ability to think on their feet. Did they take a consultative approach to selling or did they simply try to persuade you. Were they genuinely enthusiastic about the item or hobby in a way that made you interested in what they had to say?

While selling our product, a potential client says (insert your most
common objective here), how do you handle this situation?

This will reveal if the candidate is resilient to small objections that directly effect your organization. Top salespeople are able to turn common objections into sales opportunities.

Decide Quickly and Retain Top Talent

If you find someone with the skills and traits you are looking for; make them an offer! As we said at the beginning of this article, top salespeople are always in high demand. If you wait, you might miss the opportunity, as your top candidate could be someone else’s.

But be sure they are a great fit, as the primary cause of poor performance and turnover is poor job fit.

The recruitment process doesn’t end here though.

Onboarding, is crucial to the success of your new hire. So make sure that you have a “first 90 day” plan in place that supports your next top  salesperson make the transition.

If you are serious about hiring top quality salespeople, Post Your Job Now.